Premium Light Pro

Guidelines & Downloads

Download: Outdoor Lighting Guidelines

The guidelines provided with this document focus on green procurement and design for street lighting systems and are primarily intended for procurement professionals and decision makers at federal, local and municipal levels who are in charge of commissioning new or renovated street lighting installations. Furthermore the guidelines may be useful for street lighting designers and planners and contracting companies, as well as energy specialists and consultants.

Download: Procurement Criteria

The Premium Light Pro procurement criteria and requirements recommended in this document are designed to support the procurement of high quality energyefficient LED lighting systems for street lighting.

Download: Life Cycle Costing Tool for Street Lighting

This tool is designed for the calculation of the life cycle cost of different lighting technologies and for the comparison of those technologies. The three main cost components are: "purchase and installation", "energy cost" and "maintenance cost". These components are calculated over the period of analysis and compared afterwards.