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Historical Town Hall

Historical Town Hall in Bremen, Germany

In 2014, a panel of experts was established to search for possibilities for shift to LED lamps. The quality (colour temperature, colour rendering, design and weight) and aesthetic requirements for the historical illumination is very high. The Dutch architect Rob van Beek of the Dutch Government Buildings Agency, responsible for the illumination of castles in the Netherlands, was a member of the panel as a special guest.

Previous lighting system

The previous lighting system included use of traditional filament lamps.

New LED lighting system

Suitable LED lighting was identified by the panel of experts and installed in 2016.


Large energy savings are achieved leading to a payback period less than 2 years.

Lessons learned

The feedback concerning the new LED lighting system is very good. The historic World Cultural Heritage rooms of the Bremen town hall are an excellent practical example of use of LED quality lighting. This project can serve as an example for many other cities and towns responsible for the maintenance of historic buildings.

Short description

  • Old technology with energy costs of 22.161 €/year
  • New technology with energy costs of 3.756 €/year
  • Large energy savings and payback period less than 2 years