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Bookstore La Capell

Bookstore La Capell in Barcelona, Spain

The previous lighting system

The bookstore La Capell in Barcelona was retrofitted in 2015 - 2016 with LED lighting. The system included 1170 CFLs, 70 halogen spots and 10 LFLs, with a large part of the CFLs integrated into book shelves. This was not an optimal positioning and the brightness was all too high. The overall effect was one of excessive luminance in the store.

The new LED lighting system

As a general reduction in brightness was desired, it was possible to use significant fewer lamps in the new lighting system. 54 LED spots and 18 slim LED luminaires were used, resulting in both an improved ambience and a much better presentation of the books.


The new luminous flux is 20% of the old flux. 90% annual energy consumption. The tariff payment for peak power consumption was also reduced. The new system requires significantly less maintenance which also provides cost saving. The payback period is less than a year.

Lessons Learned

A key part of the process to initiative the installation was demonstration of the lighting system by the contractor, which was carried out by installing a sample of the lighting for the bookstore management to demonstrate the benefits of user-friendly aesthetic LED lighting. Contributing to the success was also, that the installation was done by a trained installer who implemented the technology without any problems.

The staff and customers appreciate the new lighting. The book sales has increased since the new lighting system was installed.

Short description of the technical lighting system

  • No overlighting and huge savings - 90% annual energy consumption
  • The old lighting system included 70 halogen spot lamps, 1170 LED E27 and 10 LFL
  • All the light sources in the old lighting system were replaced
  • General lighting by 18 FLUVIA slim luminaires with wide flood optics
  • Local lighting by 54 LED spots in SIMON luminaires model 640 with spot optics
  • The new luminous flux is 20% of the old flux