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Office high quality lighting system with substantial savings

ÅF Lighting has in the end of 2014 totally renewed the lighting at their 350 square meter office in Malmö with LED lighting. The old lighting was provided by standard luminaires including fluorescent tubes and luminaires with CFLs. 300 lux was provided everywhere with individual switches per 20 working places. There was nearly no illumination of the vertical surfaces, no accent lighting and no conformity with ÅF Lightings business ideas about lighting quality and smart buildings. 

Short description of the technical lighting system

  • Zumtobel Mellow Light
  • Glamox Luxo: Air LED
  • Photon Star: CeilingStar DarkLight 810
  • Photon Star: CeilingStar ED 810 (Narrow)
  • Erco: Quenteessence
  • Zero: Silo, Par and Hide

ÅF Lighting decided to uninstall the total old lighting system and replace it with a new lighting system with:

  1. Individual control of all lighting sources,
  2. Every person can control their lighting, and
  3. Creation of many small “lighting rooms” in the large in the L-shaped office.

Accent lighting illuminate doors, shelves, cabinets, pictures and vertical surfaces (vertical illumination). Pendant-luminaires are used to make variation in the lighting and accommodate individual needs. Luminous work of art and RGB lists are used to create atmosphere and positive energy.

ÅF Lighting summarise the new lighting with the 4 keywords: vertical illumination, accentuating, pausing and flexibility. An observed side effect from the new pleasant lighting is that visitors lower their voice when they enter the office.

Measurement of electricity consumption verify that 92% energy savings is obtained by the new lightng system. Around 80% of the large savings is obtained by the control system.                     

The new total installed power (wattage) is around half of the old total installed effect. The number of luminaires is around the same as before but they are close to twice as effective compared to the old and they provide a better light distribution.

The new light system cost around three times the cost of the old lighting system. The payback time is estimated to be 7 years which considerable more than the traditional private sector requirement of maximum 3 years payback time. ÅF Lighting point at the new lighting provides a much better working environment and the lighting is in accordance with the sought image of ÅF Lighting.