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ÅF Lighting

ÅF Lighting has in the end of 2014 totally renewed the lighting at their 350 square meter office in Malmö, Denmark, with LED lighting. Measurement of electricity consumption verify that 92% energy savings is obtained by the new lightng system.

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Florentinum project

The Florentinum project in Czech Republic received the LEED Platinum award, the highest possible level of international green building certification.

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Bookstore La Capell

Since 1978, the Cooperative Jordi Capell Architects offers to more of its 19,400 members a wide variety of products and services aimed. They aim at providing quality and affordable professional advice. All the light sources in the old lighting system are replaced with 54 LED spots and 18 FLUVIA slim luminaires. 

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Historical Town Hall

In 2014, a panel of experts was established to search for possibilities to harmonise the considerable energy-savings potential by use of LED lamps with the quality and aesthetic requirements for illumination of historic premises. The requirements for listed buildings are generally very demanding, especially in terms of illumination. In historic rooms, e.g. shift to use of CFL’s is prohibited. 

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Café Retrofit

The filament ‘squirrel cage’ bulb has been part of a popular trend for a more industrial look over the last few years in many bars, restaurants and coffee shops. In 2016, much more efficient LED options were available, providing the same look and feel for a fraction of the energy cost. A retrofit of lighting at the independent coffee house La Bottega Milanese in Leeds showed that a welcoming and stylish ambience can be successfully achieved using LEDs.

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Healthcare lighting

Slagelse hospital decided to replace the general ceiling lighting in order to increase the functionality, quality of light, save energy, avoid glare, easy to clean and obtain higher well-being for patients, visitors and employees. The management wanted to retain the existing ceiling with acoustic qualities and reuse the luminaire-holes.

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