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Indoor lighting

Best Practice

Best Practice cases with life cost analyses and real cost-saving data are published in this section. The cases show exemplary all technical and bureaucratic steps that were taken to implement high efficient LED lighting systems.

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Guidelines and Downloads

Guidelines and checklists for your lighting planning offer you hands on information and tools. This area shows you the first steps that it needs to take, when you want to change the lighting system in place towards LED-technology.

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Funding Concepts

Funding and contracting offer both attractive features that can be relevant for a refurbishment of your lighting system in place. Hereby all important information about contracting models and EU-funding programmes are summarised.

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Product Database

Get access to a database of hiqh quality products for indoor lighting. All products are certified by a third-party organisation and the userfriendly interface will guide you directly to the products that you need.

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Get updated about relevant developments about the EU- Energy Label and the ECO-Design directive. Moreover this section offers a concise overview about standards and norms, that need to be considered in your planning process.

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Join webinars and learn about Premium Light Pro’s training modules for lighting planner. Tailored webinars and E-learning tools will be embedded in this section. Upcoming Workshops will also be displayed in the Events-section

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