Premium Light Pro

About the campaign

Next-level energy efficient lighting systems in the service sector

The international initiative “Premium Light Pro” focusses on the implementation of next-level energy efficient LED lighting systems (indoor & outdoor lighting) in the private and public service sector. The main target of this initiative is to support the implementation of high quality and efficient LED-solutions by appropriate instruments and services. The successful implementation will be facilitated by the development of effective policy instruments which will be designed in cooperation with experts from the supply and demand side market.

The campaign covers information and policy elements to achieve an impact on an multi-level approach:


Policy Development

  • Active contribution to legal frameworks for led-lightning systems on EU-level.
  • Evaluation and access to survey results and expert discussions with municipalities, producers, associations and politicians
  • Enhancement and standardization of incentive schemes (white certificates) as well as development and recommendation of new incentive schemes

Communication and Information campaign 

  • Trainings for planners, installers, architects and designers of lighting systems
  • Identification and improvement of policy-instruments (EPBD, fundings, contracting, legal requirements. etc.)
  • Information service: newsletters, website and database for high quality LED-products
  • Identification and communication of Best-Practice examples
  • Distribution of tools, guidebooks and guidelines to overcome existing project barriers (incl. assessment of total costs)
  • Development of procurement criteria and planning-guidelines for LED-lighting solutions in the public and private sector